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UNE reverses suspension of returns to certain provinces of Iraq

There are no longer grounds for a general suspension of returns to parts of Iraq. UNE has accordingly decided to reverse an earlier suspension of returns to certain provinces of Iraq.

In a statement published on our website on 16 June 20114, UNE informed that a decision had been made to temporarily suspend the duty to return for individuals with a final decision to return to the following provinces in Iraq: Anbar, Ninewa, Salah al Din, Kirkuk, Baghdad, Diyala, Kerbala and Babil. The general security situation in these provinces has now been clarified. UNE has therefore decided to reverse the suspension of the duty to return.

The decision to reverse the suspension means that all individuals that have already received, or will receive a final decision to return to these provinces, are obliged to leave Norway. The police can resume forced returns to these provinces in Iraq.

That the temporary suspension of the duty to return is reversed, does not mean that UNE thinks it is safe for all asylum seekers to return to all areas of Iraq. UNE has however enough information and knowledge about the security situation in Iraq to be able to make responsible well founded, individual considerations of each case.

The security situation in Iraq has resulted in many asylum seekers with final decisions, requesting UNE to reconsider their cases. These cases will now be reconsidered afresh in the light of the current security situation. Persons who have requested for reconsideration of their cases and been granted suspensive effect while their case is being reconsidered, can stay lawfully in Norway until UNE has considered their case.

When UNE reconsiders each case, some individuals might get residence permits in Norway, based on individual needs for protection or on humanitarian grounds, while others will be obliged to return to Iraq.

Statement published on une.no 17.09.2015