The Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) considers appeals against the Directorate of Immigration's decisions in asylum cases, other immigration cases and cases concerning citizenship.

UNE shall provide good service to its users in accordance with our core values: reliability, transparency and respectfulness. UNE shall also contribute to a comprehensive, efficient and user-oriented immigration administration that our users trust. This service declaration applies to people who have an appeal under consideration by UNE and their representatives.

UNE shall:

  • As soon as possible process your case correctly and in accordance with the Norwegian Immigration Act and our international commitments
  • Ensure that the case is sufficiently illuminated for a decision to be made
  • If necessary, let you know you what information UNE lacks to be able to consider your case
  • Give you access to information about your case if you so wish
  • Comply with its duty of confidentiality and process case information in accordance with the Personal Data Act
  • Promote due process protection
  • Satisfy the requirements of administrative law relating to quality and equal treatment in case processing.

UNE will also:

  • Deal with everyone in a friendly, transparent and respectful manner
  • Describe our regulatory framework and practice on our website
  • Send automatic notification by email that your appeal has been received and about the expected waiting time
  • Answer phone enquires

UNE expects you to: 

  • Have the DUF number of your case available when you contact us
  • Document your identity and provide sufficient and correct information in the case
  • Make sure that UNE receives all necessary documentation
  • Inform UNE in writing if your situation changes in a way that could have a bearing on your appeal case
  • Notify the Population Register of any change of address, or the police if you are an asylum seeker in Norway
  • Provide your contact information so that our emails and letters can reach you
  • Inform UNE in writing if you wish to authorise another person to follow your case and receive a copy of the decision.