Collective protection for Ukrainians in Norway

Ukrainian citizens who apply for protection in Norway will receive temporary collective protection for one year. Your protection permit may be extended. Collective protection means that the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) does not assess the need for protection individually but give Ukrainians fleeing the war in Ukraine and their family members collective protection. 

On the UDI's website you will find more information about the process, rights and obligations related to collective protection for Ukrainians (external website).

Ukrainians who also have citizenship in a safe country will no longer be granted temporary collective protection in Norway. This applies from and including 20 December 2023, and also applies to those who are waiting for a response to an application for temporary collective protection.

If you have already been granted temporary collective protection in Norway, you may keep your permit.

On the UDI's website you will find more information about the new rules (external website).



UNE suspends returns to Gaza

The duty to return to Gaza after final rejection is temporarily suspended. This means that no one is being forcibly returned to Gaza for the time being. The reason is the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, the worsening of the security situation and the humanitarian situation in Gaza. The West Bank is not covered by the suspension.

You can read more about who is covered by the suspension here.

Here you will find information regarding the situation in Palestine and Israel and applications for residence in Norway (external website).