UNE is an appeals body

UNE’s task is to check that the UDI’s decisions are correct. When a decision made by the UDI is appealed, we will reconsider the case. We are not bound by the UDI’s rejection, but we are governed by the same regulatory framework. Most rejections will not be reversed.

UNE forbereder saken din

UNE prepares your case

We will let you know when we have received your case. Most UNE cases are considered without us talking to the people concerned. This is because the case has already been assessed by the UDI. We will obtain more information about your case if this is deemed necessary. Read more about how we prepare your case.

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UNE vurderer saken din

UNE considers your case

We consider all the information in your case and everything you have written in the appeal. This information is considered in relation to the regulations. At least two people will always review the case.

Read more about how UNE considers your case

Du får skriftlig svar fra UNE

You will receive a written reply from UNE

When we have finished considering your case, you will receive our decision in writing. After both the UDI and UNE have considered the case, the decision is final. If your appeal is rejected by UNE, there are no further possibilities of appeal.

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