A procedure description (RB) sets out detailed procedures for how case officers and decision makers should proceed when preparing and deciding UNE’s cases.

Procedure descriptions

  1. RB-01: Considering and deciding protection cases in which the appellant is in an unknown location or abroad
  2. RB-02: Consideration of cases in which the deadline for appealing has expired
  3. RB-03: Authorisation
  4. RB-04: New recommendations in protection cases (asylum) – consideration at two levels
  5. RB-07: Case flow in UNE when considering whether to grant deferred implementation of the UDI’s decision or UNE’s own decision
  6. RB-09: Consideration of SIS cases
  7. RB-10: Assessment of identity – case processing procedures
  8. RB-11: Access by a party – case processing procedures
  9. RB-12: Verification
  10. RB-13: Linguistic analysis
  11. RB-14: Decision modes in UNE – case preparation and case flow
  12. RB-15: Urgent case rota system
  13. RB-16: Procedures for processing and deciding cases in board hearings
  14. RB-17: Grand board hearing decisions – checklist for follow-up work
  15. RB-18: Stipulation of the deadline for leaving the country and notification of decisions
  16. RB-19: Notification to appellants who are abroad
  17. RB-20: Communicating significant information concerning deportation of immigrants
  18. RB-21: Consideration of requests for reversal of UNE’s decision
  19. RB-22: UNE’s database of previous decisions and entering decisions into the database
  20. RB-23: UNE’s internal practice overviews – descriptions, procedures and instructions for use
  21. RB-24: Costs of the case pursuant to the Public Administration Act Section 36 – processing in UNE
  22. RB-25: Consideration of compensation claims pursuant to general provisions of law of damages
  23. RB-26: Procedures for dealing with court cases in UNE
  24. RB-27: Procedures for anonymisation of UNE’s decisions
  25. RB-28: Following up circumstances concerning lawyers that warrant criticism
  26. RB-29: Guardians or representatives in cases concerning minors
  27. RB-30: Procedures for equal treatment meetings
  28. RB-31: Coordination of children’s and parents’ protection cases
  29. RB-32: Anonymous decisions
  30. RB-33: Correcting errors in decisions in the DUF system
  31. RB-34: Cases to be labelled LV in DUF
  32. RB-35: How to process requests for access to information
  33. RB-36: Procedures for preparatory conversation with the party and others
  34. RB-37: Samtaler med barn i UNE
  35. RB-99: The use of open, online sources in UNE's case processing