Please use these forms to send us Power of Attorney, new infomation or to request a reversal of your case.

How to send information electronically

We encourage you to use our digital forms. It is the fastest and most secure channel. All information you send us will be encrypted. You do not need to have a Norwegian social security number to use the digital forms.

Here are our digital forms:

Submitting additional/new information

You can complete this form if you want to submit additional or new information to a case that is being processed in UNE.

Request a reversal

It is possible for you to request that UNE reconsiders your case. Such a request for reversal must be made in writing, and you must provide your adress in Norway. You can use this form to explain what you believe to be wrong with the decision. As a rule, you must also submit new and pertinent information or new documentation that supports your case for reversal. 

Power of attorney

You can complete this form if you would like another person to follow up your application on your behalf. This person is known as an authorised representative. 

If you do not have access to ID-porten you must use the form not connected to ID-porten (without BankID). If you have a Norwegian social security number and BankID, use the form connected to ID-porten (with BankID).


How to send information by post

You can also send us a letter in the mail. If you want to send us a Power of Attorney, request for reversal or ID-documents, you can use the forms you find below.

  • Open and complete the form
  • Print out the form
  • Send it by post to this address:
    Postboks 2108 Vika
    0125 Oslo