The waiting time for study permit cases is four months

This means that we process most study permit cases within four months. The waiting time starts running from the date your case is received by UNE. You will be notified as soon as we have considered your appeal.

Which study permit cases do we prioritise?

Our goal is to consider your first application for a study permit before your studies begin. We therefore prioritise these cases over applications for renewals of study permits. Not all cases are decided before the studies begin, however, for example if the case was sent to UNE just before or after the studies began, or because we are waiting for information from you as the appellant or from other agencies.

As regards other types of study permit cases, we usually consider the oldest cases first. However, we can make exceptions if that is more efficient. Sometimes, we see that there are several cases involving the same place of study, or that several cases concern the same issue. It may then be more efficient to consider these cases at the same time. Some cases may therefore take less than four months to process

We rarely prioritise cases when someone asks us to. That would require very special circumstances.

What can you do to ensure your case is processed as quickly as possible?

You can ensure that we have all the documents we need to consider your case. UDI has a checklist for the documents required in study permit cases (external link). You don't need to send us the same documents that you have already submitted to UDI.

It is also important that you read UDI's decision and its reason for rejecting your case.

If you have new or additional documentation, you can send this to us as well. In order for us to consider documents that are sent to us they must be translated into Norwegian or English by a translation agency.

When do we spend more time than estimated?

Sometimes it takes more time than normal for us to consider a case. There is usually a reason for this, for example that we are waiting for information from you as the appellant or that we need information from other sources, such as an embassy, the police or UDI.

Waiting times may change

We will update the information on this page once a month.