UNE receives requests for reversals in asylum cases and other cases. These are cases where a person whose appeal has already been rejected by UNE asks us to review the case. We do not prioritise these cases as highly as ordinary appeal cases, among other things because the Ministry of Justice and Public Security has asked us to prioritise appeal cases. The waiting times for requests for reversals therefore varies more than for appeal cases.

Waiting time for requests for reversals in other cases than asylum cases

Most cases are processed within five months. We give some cases priority if there are special reasons for doing so, for example if the appellant has very serious health problems.

This waiting time applies to reversal requests in other cases than asylum cases, such as: family immigration, study or work permits, au-pair, visa, travel documents, EEA-cases, permanent residence, citizenship, expulsion or revocation. 

Here you can find the waiting time for reversal requests in asylum cases.

Longer waiting time for some cases

We currently have longer waiting time for:

  • Request for reversal in expulsion cases: 12 months waiting time.

Waiting times may change

We will update the information on this page once a month.