Since April 2015, individuals obligated to leave for Yemen have been allowed to remain in Norway, even if they had not received a decision on this in their own case. This general suspension of return is now lifted.
The Supreme Court of Norway has clarified the threshold for exclusion from refugee status due to participation in a crime.
Published 14/11/2023   Statements Court cases Asylum/protection
The Supreme Court of Norway is set to decide the threshold for when involvement in a serious crime forms the basis for exclusion from refugee status, with the case being heard on November 14th and 15th 2023.
UNE sees no signs of a peaceful resolution to the war in Sudan in the near future. To prevent cases from being left unprocessed for a long time, UNE has decided to resume the processing of Sudan cases. At the same time, we are lifting the suspension of the obligation to return.
The duty to return to Gaza, after receiving a final rejection of application for a residence permit, is temporarily suspended. This means that no one is being forcibly returned there now.
Published 13/07/2023   Statements Case processing
During the first half of 2023, the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) has processed around 3110 cases, compared to 2820 cases at the same time last year. Of the cases processed, approximately 18% were reversed.
In certain circumstances, instead of expulsion, UNE may require the individual to wait an extra three years before being eligible for a permanent residence permit.
The Government has instructed UNE to put right of residence cases for certain types of family members of EEA nationals in Norway on hold.
The duty to return to Sudan, after receiving a rejection of application for a residence permit, has been temporarily suspended until November 3, 2023. The police will not carry out forcible returns to Sudan during this period.
Published 28/12/2022   Family immigration Court cases Statements
The minimum age for family establishment is not in conflict with the ECHR. Both parties must be at least 24 years old to apply for a permit to form a family.